About Electrician Directory

Established in 2008, Electrician Directory seeks to provide consumers with an objective, unabridged compendium of information pertinent to those who need or work with Electricians.

Designed to be a living source of safety and how-to information, Electrician Directory will fill the current void of trustworthy consumer intelligence.

Advertising Policy

To help defray website-related costs, Electrician Directory displays advertisements and seeks sponsorships related to laser eye surgery. We are not surgeons nor are we financially involved in any eye health enterprise. All of our advertisements, including sponsored pages, will be clearly marked as such. As our charter is to provide forthright advice that is above reproach, Electrician Directory will not attempt to sell or steer you towards an advertiser's products.

Electrician Directory Ownership

Electrician Directory is funded by Firstlook.com (a wholly owned subsidiary of ConnexusCorp).

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