What is Electricity?

When we think of electricity many times we think of Ben Franklin or Tom Edison. Those of us that did reports on the subject in school might toss out the name Nikola Tesla – he had nothing to do with the hair metal band of the same name.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupts - GFCI

Electricity makes our lives easier. But electricity is also dangerous. If it escapes an appliance’s wiring through faulty insulation or misuse it might cause serious injury or death. Ground fault circuit interrupts, or GFCI, are designed to protect you by preventing electricity from using the human body as a path to the ground.

What to do during a Power Outage

At one time or another everyone experiences a power outage. When it happens the first thing you’ll want to do is check with the neighbors. No, you don’t have to call them, you have to look to see if their lights are on; check the street lights, too. If your house is the only one without power, then you need to check your circuit breakers. Occasionally, when there is a power surge, circuit breakers will flip causing loss of power. If you flip all of the circuit breakers without any change, contact your electric company.

Wasting Electricity - Don't be an Energy Hog

Are you an energy hog? Several factors can affect how much electricity your appliances use. The location of the appliance directly impacts its efficiency. For example, a dryer in a garage often uses more energy than a dryer inside a house. The age of your appliance also has an effect on its electrical usage. An average refrigerator purchased before 1985 uses almost three times as much energy as a newer model of the same size.

Portable Generators - What to Know

Portable generators are extremely handy devices since they provide electrical power in remote areas and during power outages. Portable generators are electrical devices that convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. While most portable generators are gas generators, there are some larger diesel generators, natural gas generators, and propane generators on the market.

What's in an Electrical Estimate?

The electrician’s van pulls out of the driveway leaving you standing at your door with the electrical estimate in your hand. The final total glares up at you. All the horror stories you’ve ever heard about contractors swirl in your head. What does it all mean? Did you get a fair price?

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