Electrician's Best Friend - Me

No one loves me more than my mother, at least I think that's true. One person in the mix of people that love me the most in my friendly neighborhood electrician. No, George the Electrician hasn't elbowed his way past my lovely wife, the kids (if my wallet's open) or the dogs (substitute wallet with doggie treats) but he's breathing down their necks.

Why the love from my electrician? I'm a fool for electrical upgrades. And I'm not alone. Almost every toy on the market - think Best Buy - uses electricity. And they've inundated my home's electrical grid.

I can't turn around without bumping into TVs, iPod stations, laptops, desktops, printers, stereo equipment, every iteration of game machine, radios, lamps, sound machines - need my rainfall - blenders, espresso machines and microwaves. And this is only in the guest bathroom.

The electrician is part of the family. He's on the Christmas card list, at most family affairs and if he wasn't busy changing over my living room lights he'd be with us at Disney. When I come home the dogs bark and growl; George gets his hand licked.

In the next month I need two receptacles added - one inside and one out - two receptacles taken out - previous owners had two placed over the mantle - and a new set of lights placed in the dining area. This doesn't count the bathroom addition where I'll bring him in for a consultation prior to construction.

Should everyone be as close to their electrician as I am? I can't say. I do know that having a reliable electrician, someone that I trust to do a good job and give me good advice makes life easier. And it only makes sense to find a good electrician like we'd find a good car mechanic or go to a restaurant that serves good food.

Is it ever going to end? Will my love affair with my electrician go sour? Maybe. But it's more likely to slow than end. And only because I'll slow. There will come a day when I don't need the latest and greatest toys on the market. Sad to say but it will happen. We refuse to discuss it and look forward to our golden years together.

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