Your Child and Electricity – How to Keep Them Separated

Nothing is cuter than the first day your child goes mobile. Slowly they begin crawling across the floor. With all newbies there are fits and starts but eventually they have it down and scoot from one end of the house to the other. And what catches their attention, outside of the cat’s tail, are the electrical receptacles lining the bottom of every wall.

Ten Essential Tips for Parents Regarding Electricity

Tips that all parents or soon to be parents should be aware of with children.

Shining a Light on Halogen Lamp Safety

Halogen lamps, also known as tungsten halogen lamps, quartz halogen lamps, or quartz iodine lamps, are a special type of incandescent lamp that has a tungsten filament sealed within a small transparent envelope. The envelope is filled with a halogen gas such as bromine or iodine. Halogen lamp bulbs are long lasting and bright. In fact, Halogen lamps are considered by many to emit a light that is the closest artificial approximation to natural daylight.

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