Ten Essential Tips for Parents Regarding Electricity

We wanted to put out a simple set of tips that every parent should know about electricity. These aren’t all the safety tips anyone should know about handling electricity but these are some of the primary ones, especially ones to be passed on to children.

1.) Talk to your kids

– You might be the safest, most cautious person on the planet but if your child isn’t then you could be in deep trouble. Anything you know about safety pass on to your children as they reach the age of reason.

2.) Outlets

A.) Use caps for all unused outlets.

B.) Do not stress outlets with too many cords or power strips.

C.) Do not use and have repaired any outlets that are loose or spark.

3.) Cords

A.) Never unplug a cord by the cord. Never force a plug into an outlet.

B.) Get rid of or repair frayed cords.

C.) Keep cords out of sight.

D.) Never hide a cord under a rug.

4.) Light Bulbs

A.) Time should be taken to wait for the bulb to cool before replacing.

B.) The switch to the light bulb should be turned off.

C.) The correct light bulb wattage should be selected – higher wattage light bulbs may overheat.

D.) Light bulbs should be snug in the socket. Loose bulbs may spark.

5.) Storms


A.) Get inside. This includes cars. If you can get inside a car it is much safer than being outside.

If you can’t…

B.) Get out of the water. Pools and lakes are very dangerous when lightning shows up.

C.) Get to the lowest spot possible but not under a tree. Lightning hits the highest spot possible; trees may be the highest spot. A ditch, a canyon or a cave even would be safer spots.


A.) Stay away from windows; stay off the phone, do not use appliances or to take a bath.

6.) Appliances

A.) Appliances and water don’t mix.

B.) Make sure children are taught how to use appliances.

C.) Replace frayed cords.

D.) Make sure toasters and toaster ovens are given space.

E.) Microwaves and metal objects = fireworks… not the good kind.

7.) Outdoors

A.) Keep electric cords away from pools or hot tubs.

B.) Check trees for power lines before climbing. Never climb a tree with a nearby power line.

C.) Stay away from electric substations and never touch a power line.

8.) Bathing

A.) Appliances and water don’t mix. Unplug any appliances near the tub.

B.) Never use an electrical appliance when you’re wet.

9.) Play Spaces

A.) Play spaces should be clear of cords. Gating for smaller children to keep them from outlets or cords works well.

10.) Things Happen

A.) A multi-use fire extinguisher should be in every house

B.) Children should know how to call 911

C.) Plan an escape path from the house and a meeting spot.

Be proactive and talk to your children. It will solve most problems before they become problems.

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